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Green Suede
chairs, walls, wood


furniture bids - writing, responding, analyzing 

standards development

furniture specifications

project managementro

space planning

thought starters 

event planning 

finish selection


floor plans



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I'm Hannah, an Interior Designer based in Colorado. 

I have a strong background in commercial furniture, a love for problem solving, and an eye for aesthetics.

My love of design emerged at an early age.

Early site visits with my dad showed me the bones of buildings, and collaborating annually with my mother to craft her classroom gave me a unique perspective into the importance of space, color, and budget.

I believe your space should be a reflection of your vibrant life,

whether as a space for living or working.

I believe in the impact of the designed environment on mental health,

and the power of biophilia. 

I believe everyone is worthy of beautiful space,

and an efficient process to get to that point.

Let's create beautiful functional spaces together!

Green Suede

the awe-inspiring feeling that everyone's life is as vibrant as your own

let's connect!

see ya soon!

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lakewood, colorado

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